Robust Robotic Mowing, Lawn Maintenance, & Fiberglass Pool Installations in Bonita Springs, Florida

Bonita Springs has a vibrant history. In 1920, Bonita Springs had grown to city status. It is home to many rivers, trailheads, and part of the Everglades Reptile Gardeity. This brought in many visitors. Emerald Green has chosen a prime location to offer our landscaping needs and give back to the community.

What are some of Emerald Green’s best services in Bonita Springs, FL?

Robotic Mowing 3 - Emerald Green

Robotic Mowing

At times, it can be challenging to remember to mow your lawn. You don’t have to try as hard to remember with a robotic mower. An app that goes with it allows you to schedule when it goes out, monitor the battery, where to park it, and more. The app is super friendly, and Emerald Green helps you set it up and navigate the app when we install the mower with the docking station. Robotic mowers are safer in a lot of ways. If something is left on the lawn, it will still be there after mowing is done.

Landscape Maintenance 1 - Emerald Green

Landscape Maintenance

We maintain your lawn depending on the season. Different temperatures, blooming cycles, and weather patterns are the main reasons. Emerald Green is here for all your landscaping needs and keeps you at peace with your lawn. Don’t let your landscape run away with the wilderness, take care of your flower beds, trees, and shrubs. Emerald Green can help you improve your landscape’s health, and there is a lot you can do.

Fiberglass Pool Installation 2 - Emerald Green

Fiberglass Pool Installations

Pools are meant to be enjoyed with little maintenance. Fiberglass is the most reliable material to last for years to come. These pools are accessible for Emerald Green to install safely and efficiently. Our professional team can get your pool installed in as little as a week. You design the pool, however, makes you happy. Emerald Green follows your design. You won’t have to lift a finger with us, so you’re free to swim sooner.

Pavor Patios Walkways 1 - Emerald Green


In Florida, walkways are vital for your protection. There are many snakes here that can be dangerous. Having a light-colored walkway could mean the difference between spotting a snake and walking away slowly and getting bit before you see the snake. Walkways are also great for keeping foot traffic off your lawn, so it all grows evenly. This allows your guests a place to walk confidently and safely. Emerald Green can confidently and safely install your walkways.


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Are you tired of remembering when to call the pros to come to mow your lawn? Do you want a pool update and are tired of the maintenance? Emerald Green is a trustworthy team that provides excellent service to our clients. We communicate with our clients to the fullest! Our professionalism strives as our clientele grows. We are here to give back to our lovely community, so give us a call, and we can have your landscape transformed for you!

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