Robust Robotic Mowing, Lawn Maintenance, & Fiberglass Pool Installations in Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral is famous for its countless canals. It is a hidden gem found within the southern parts of Florida, close to Fort Myers. You can travel some of the canals to reach the Gulf of Mexico and various famous rivers in Florida. Cape Coral is referred to as “Waterfront Wonderland,” making it a prime destination for Emerald Green to give back to the community. When are you too busy exploring, who has time to take care of their landscape? Emerald Green is a trustworthy, professional team that helps with your landscaping needs.

What are some of the best services Emerald Green offers in Fort Myers, FL?

Robotic Mowing 3 - Emerald Green

Robotic Mowing

Robotic mowing changes the mowing game, and they can mow your lawn in all types of weather, including rain. The blades are under and close to the mower’s body, so when there is an object under it, they retract for safety. Emerald Green installs the charging base for you, and we help you install the app used to run the mower. You do the rest!

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Landscape Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn can be a difficult thing to stay on top of. Edging can be a pain to straighten throughout the landscape constantly. Making sure fresh mulch is laid can be stressful. The list keeps growing, and it can be challenging to try and deal with. But, you don’t have to do it alone. Emerald Green is here with you every step to make it easier for you.

Fiberglass Pool Installation 3 - Emerald Green

Fiberglass Pool Installations

Fiberglass is a strong and durable material. So it makes sense for your pool to be a fiberglass pool, especially if you want it around for a while. Emerald Green is expert at installing them for you, and it only takes a week! Pool maintenance shouldn’t be a daily chore. Fiberglass lasts longer than other pool materials and requires less maintenance.

Pavor Patios Walkways 1 - Emerald Green

Paver Patios

Paver patios are unique and fun patios that you can design and customize completely, and then Emerald Green installs them for you. We know how to install the pieces, so they don’t slide around after installation. You provide us with a design to follow, and you could have your very own unique patio. In a lot of ways, paver patios are better than traditional patios. They are more flexible in working around changes in your design. They are more functional and easier to repair as well.


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Are you tired of remembering when to call the pros to come to mow your lawn? Do you want a pool update and are tired of the maintenance? Emerald Green is a trustworthy team that provides excellent service to our clients. We communicate with our clients to the fullest! Our professionalism strives as our clientele grows. We are here to give back to our lovely community, so give us a call, and we can have your landscape transformed for you!

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