Beautiful landscape maintenance in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, FL, and the surrounding areas!

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What is included in our landscape maintenance services?

Your landscape can be almost anything you want it to be – but it won’t be beautiful without your help keeping it in check and being its voice when it needs to. Landscape maintenance targets individual parts of your lawn that need the touch of a professional who knows what they’re doing! This maintenance can be defined by the art of using whatever necessary tools to beautifully maintain all areas of your landscape, including some that aren’t always very common, like water features and privacy hedges. Our team comes up with a maintenance plan that works for your schedule and treats every lawn area as special as the last!

Why choose Emerald Green for your landscape services?

  • Our equipment produces less noise, emissions, and traffic
  • Our company is quickly moving towards an eco-friendly future
  • We take great pride in our landscape work
  • You’ll be in consistent communication with us in the process

What does good landscape maintenance do for your home or property?

Produces a neater looking lawn

Your landscape is an excellent representation of your style and reflects the kind of aesthetic you enjoy. In addition, keeping up with landscape maintenance around your property makes your lawn neater and helps accent precisely what you want on your landscape!

Helps keep pests at bay

Between the ants, mice, and wasps, there are plenty of pests that can threaten the look and livelihood of your landscape! However, when you keep up with regular landscape maintenance, your lawn will be less likely to attract those pests because they won’t have a place to hide, live, or multiply.

Takes care of unique landscape pieces

The grass, trees, and landscape beds all need their fair share of maintenance to stay beautiful – but what about the water features, privacy shrubs, or topiaries? Our landscape maintenance cleans them up or around their areas to keep them neat, too!

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What are some important things to remember about landscape maintenance?

Every area should be treated differently

Your landscape needs constant maintenance; that’s a given – but not every part of your lawn can be treated the same. For example, your grass may need weekly maintenance, but the trees can go a while before needing some attention. Making sure your timing is right can make a big difference!

You can identify problem areas

When you do regular maintenance on your lawn, you can more easily identify areas of your lawn that need improvement. In addition, keeping your landscape trimmed and cared for helps you see where areas of your grass or other greenery are struggling!

Are you interested in better forms of landscaping? Do you need help with upgrading your outdoor space? We offer innovative solutions – changing the landscape of the lawn care industry!

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