Alluring outdoor living spaces in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, FL, and the surrounding areas!

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What is included in our outdoor living spaces services?

Your home has so much potential to become an entertainer’s dream or a haven to escape the trials and tribulations of the day. You can accomplish both in one shot when you have outdoor living spaces built onto your landscape! Outdoor spaces can become your new favorite place to hang out, and they have the ease of being right outside your back door. Our team will discuss any wants, needs, and concerns you have before starting the design process. Then, once that’s complete, we’ll create a design and perfect it before we start breaking ground. Our services are efficient and provide you with what you want!

Why choose Emerald Green for your landscape services?

  • We want this business to become more eco-friendly
  • We pride ourselves on our communication skills
  • Our services produce less noise, traffic, and emissions
  • Our landscaping work is something we take great pride in

What does good outdoor living spaces do for your home or property?

Provides outdoor relaxation in different weather

Some people enjoy being outside in any weather – the middle of the day, cool evenings, maybe even light rain. If you have a covered outdoor living space, you can spend as much time outside as you want while still being in a safe place to do so!

Increases use of your property

You don’t know how much you’re missing out on until you finally take the plunge into landscape makeover. Your lawn has a lot of usable space, and one of the best ways to make use of that space is by having quality outdoor living areas installed conveniently on your lawn!

They can fit any aesthetic

Whether you have a more uncomplicated style preference or prefer the more intricate things in life, there’s something for everyone in hardscape installation! Your new outdoor area can be built to fit whatever look you want for your home in a size that suits your lawn best.

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What are some important things to remember about outdoor living spaces?

Materials can make a big difference

If you want an outdoor kitchen area, fire pits, an outdoor living room, or a small outdoor space, your materials need to be considered. These materials also make a difference in looks; you can choose from various hard surfaces like brick, pavers, concrete, and stone!

You’re not alone in wanting an outdoor space

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years and are still growing. About 53% of Americans who don’t already have an outdoor space want to create one, and the most common refurbishments are new furniture, landscape lighting, and cooking areas!

Do you want a new, updated outdoor space? Are you tired of being disappointed in your landscape’s health? We offer innovative solutions – changing the landscape of the lawn care industry!

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