Captivating paver patios & walkways in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, FL, and the surrounding areas!

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What is included in our paver patios & walkways services?

Your lawn needs a break in the greenery, and you need a stable place to walk around and entertain on – patios and walkways are the perfect solutions to that! Paver patios are some of the most sturdy and reliable forms of patios you can have installed, and walkways can connect every part of your lawn in ways they weren’t before. We can map out a good space to start building a patio to your desired size, then help you decide where you want the walkways to go. They can stretch from the driveway to the front door, the side of your house to a patio, or the patio to the garden!

Why choose Emerald Green for your landscape services?

  • We keep our lines of communication open with all of our customers
  • Decrease the risk of excess traffic, noise, and emissions
  • Every job we do takes a high level of pride and determination
  • An eco-friendly future is the ultimate end goal for us

What does good paver patios & walkways do for your home or property?

Much lower risk of injuries

We understand that life happens – but if you can avoid injuries as long as possible on your property, that’s always best! Well-built walkways drastically decrease the risk of trip-and-fall injuries you or guests will have on your property.

Lower maintenance than other outdoor spaces

Simple patios and walkways require relatively little maintenance compared to other areas of your landscape like hedges and outdoor living spaces. So while they should be cleaned from time to time and kept an eye on, they won’t need constant maintenance as your greenery will!

Easier mobility for those who need it

If you like to have people over to entertain or frequently have guests in your home, making sure they have easier access around your lawn is important. Walkways provide stability to those who need more accessibility with devices such as walkers or wheelchairs!

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What are some important things to remember about paver patios & walkways?

Pathways can mix with grass

There are unique different options to choose from with the construction of pathways for your landscape. So many people may think of the standard sidewalk-style walkways; you can have some installed that have breaks in-between the slabs to give it a more natural look.

Paver patios are easier to repair

Hardscaping is robust and made to last, but that doesn’t mean chips or cracks can’t happen! For example, if they occur in regular concrete patios, the whole slab would need to be replaced. However, if one section gets damaged with concrete pavers, it can be removed and replaced much easier!

Are you unsure of how to take proper care of your landscape? Do you want to have a lawn you can be proud of finally? We offer innovative solutions – changing the landscape of the lawn care industry!

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