Immaculate seasonal cleanups in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, FL, and the surrounding areas!

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What is included in our seasonal cleanups services?

You have to keep up with cleaning your landscaping if you want it to stay healthy and look good for guests! Over time falling leaves, sticks, tree branches, wind-blown mulch, and other debris will inevitably make their way across your landscape. A little bit of debris from time to time won’t hurt much, but letting that debris pile up will negatively impact your grass and landscape beds. They need quality cleanup jobs done, especially in the Spring or Fall when the debris buildup will be at its worst! We offer cleanups of anything on your lawn that doesn’t belong and get rid of dead or dying plants that can be a risk to your greenery!

Why choose Emerald Green for your landscape services?

  • You’ll notice the pride we take in every job we do
  • Lowered emissions, noise, and traffic are our goal
  • Our team always keeps up constant communication with customers
  • We want to be a leader in eco-friendly solutions

What does good seasonal cleanups do for your home or property?

Less chance of sickness for those in the home

Your lawn could be full of allergens you didn’t know were growing there, and extra debris on the lawn can trap those allergens. One of the worst allergens that can accumulate from debris like leaves is mold or mildew – both can make anyone in the home sick!

Your lawn will be less cluttered

There’s nothing quite like having a sense of ease at your disposal, especially with any cleanup. Having seasonal cleanups done across your property makes your lawn seem instantly larger and decluttered, especially in a smaller space!

Grass diseases will be at a minimum

There are a lot of lawn diseases to be wary of; some are brought on by trapped moisture or limited exposure to the sun. Grass diseases for this area, such as rust, large patch disease, and take-all root rot, can happen faster than you know when your lawn is cluttered with debris!

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What are some important things to remember about seasonal cleanups?

Not all materials can break down into the soil

Certain organic materials can be broken down into the soil to be used as a form of compost or natural fertilizer. Even dead leaves can be used for this purpose – however, too much sitting on your lawn will smother it rather than help it!

Cleanups don’t just mean raking the leaves

While clearing away all debris off your lawn is the central part of seasonal cleanups, that’s not the only thing to stay on top of. Cleaning up the edges around your property lines, cutting away dead parts of plants, and clearing out landscape beds are forgotten but a big part of it!

Do you want to revitalize your landscape? Are you looking for a better way to care for your landscape? We offer innovative solutions – changing the landscape of the lawn care industry!

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